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The Brain and Me

Photo by  Greg Rakozy  on  Unsplash The Brain and Me - Neuroplasticity I’m always on the lookout for secrets to getting more writing done, or to be honest, any writing that doesn’t involve an email to a client or the shopping list.   And over the last few years I’ve learnt that forming a habit is my key.   So when I came across REFIRE over the weekend (more on the fantastic Winter Write-In at Studio One on Sunday later) I loved the simple process for us, gentle readers, of what can be a complex subject; neuroplasticity. The REFIRE process was created by Dr. Sarah McKay and is six easy steps to implement and rewire the brain so you can change your mindset, learn new skills, and create habits. Perfect, I hear you say! R eason – You need to find your ‘why’. When you have your ‘why’ and it’s something you value, you’ll find a way to do it, no matter what. E ngage – Immerse yourself into your goal, taking action, engaging in your habit, task, or behaviou

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